Next project is to build out a new HTPC with 6 tuner cable card, media extenders, the whole thing. First going to build in stages and just build out media PC first and hook it up to one TV to see if it's something that is worth ditching all the cable STB for. I can save about $50 per month in DVR and STB fees and just pay $2 a month for one cablecard.. but money is not the main reason I am doing this. Main reason is I want to have more flexibility with what we can do with our TV programming here and something were it can expand on and add more features later on. Plus, getting tired of going through STB's and loosing our recordings to get a new replacement... :(

I do not believe it needs to be an Intel chipset, but AMD chipset. Looking for a motherboard that supports this chipset, at least 2 expansions slots, something that is Mini ITX, Mini DTX, Micro ATX, ATX, Thin Mini ITX formfactors. I found several models but the one thing I really want to do is attach 2 250GB HDD (7200 RPM) that will be set as a RAID1 mirror. With this being a media PC and potentially the only central device that is providing Cable TV to other TV's, want to make it as redundant as possible.
Will put a InfiniTV6 channel tuner cable card along with a graphics card, which I am still researching that.
I picked the smaller drives because I will be utilizing a 3TB disk RAID array that will be connected via USB3 cablle. I figure that would hold all the content of recorded shows, etc.

I have built a system on PCPartspicker site just to get an idea and this is what I have come up with so far.

gdlgiii's Completed Build - AMD A6-5400K, Gigabyte GeForce GT 440, Silverstone GD06B - PCPartPicker