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Thread: ASROCK z77 extreme6 problem

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    Default ASROCK z77 extreme6 problem

    I seem to have a problem with the motherboard.
    It seems to be the PCI express slots that showing strange behaviour.
    I have 2 graphics cards which both work fine in the PCIE slots (PCIE2 and PCIE4) as per the motherboard manual.
    PCI2 has a sound card and the other PCI is covered by one of my graphcis cards. I have a 4 pin molex supplemental power supply cable attached to the motherboard.
    The problem is the other two slots (PCIE1 and PCIE5)
    I try to put a network card in one (PCIE5) and a raid card in the other (PCIE1), one works but the other does not. They are both PCI express 1x cards
    I need them both to work.
    Both cards have been tested on a different computer and work.
    When looking at motherboards I did my research and I know some motherboards disable some PCI express slots when others are being used, such as the gigabyte on I nearly got.
    I got this motherboard as I could find NO INDICATION that was the case when at looked the the manual so would reasonably expect them all to work.

    Is is possibly something in the BIOS I need to change.
    It is not a driver issue. In the BIOS system browser when PCIE5 is populated it shows the card there but nothing in the other (PCIE1) even though the raid card is there.
    If I remove the network card (after closing the machine of course), then back in the BIOS, the system browser shows the raid card there in (PCIE1)
    Is there something in the bios I can change. I am reluctant to do a BIOS update in case something else stops working. I have version P2.60


    Thank you in advance

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    Default Re: ASROCK z77 extreme6 problem

    Have you tried as NIC in PCIE1 and the RAID card in PCIE5?

    And an x1 RAID card huh? Can I ask it's make and model? I might have one here to test with, albeit I don't and won't have all my slots filled to test either. The x1 NIC I have many of.

    Are your current MB's SATA ports set as RAID in the BIOS?

    If you disable Full Screen Logo is there anything scrolling by during POST that may hint at your problem?
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