Conclusion and final thoughts :

ECS Z87H3-A3X is one of the best motherboards I've ever reviewed , that because of its many pros. As ECS thought about a solution for introducing a mid range motherboard with professional gaming components , so that gamers can buy it without paying a lot , I appreciate that from ECS .
For build quality , the motherboard has a good build and amazing finishing , the PCB of the board is developed in a good manner and it's amazing body , moisture resistance and also static electricity protection , and this is required much for any gaming motherboard .

For design of the board , the board comes in a dark brown color , and amazing metallic effects with gold , in heatsinks , and gold solid capacitors .

For performance , it's very good , the motherboard is provided with 6 phase power design , and they used advanced components for power circuits like Ice shokes , Lower mosfets , and golden solid capacitors , the board is equipped with Intel I217-V controller which is good in networking and online gaming , also the ALC1150 controller from Realtek which give the user a great experience in gaming and also multimedia , and it's one of the best controllers in industry .

For Overclocking , the motherboard is very good , reaching 4.8GHz with full stability on moderate overclocking components is amazing , and I should say overclocking operation was a piece of cake and this differ from the Z87H3-A4 motherboard , by just setting the CPU ratio on x48 and adjust the voltage , that's it , the vdrop value ain't considerable at all , also overclocking AVEXIR core series 1600MHz up to 2133MHz was very easy , finally the experience of leaving the motherboard under pressure for 12 hours with overclocked settings , good to see this motherboard achieve this number .
The most important point of this review , the motherboard have a price of 112$ ! Only , this was pretty good for me , then you can have your Hard Core
Gaming PC with affordable motherboard like this .

1- affordable price
2- high grade components
3- Multiple GPUs support
4- Easy overclocking settings
1- the BIOS need more development
2- SATA ports disturb huge GPUs in the second PCI Express X16 slot