I would like to know if there is a way to stop P6T from turbo multiplier throlltling when under load. My CPU is Xeon E5649, I have set multiplier manually to x20 and BCLK to 200 in BIOS, all energy saving features have been disabled, voltages and temps are very low during Prime95 small FFT load: 1.26 voltage according to CPU-Z and 62-63*C on hottest core according to RealTemp. As soon as i start Prime 95 Small FFT, multiplier drops from x20 to x19 and stays like that until i stop Prime. I know that for P6T Deluxe, a special version of BIOS was released to eliminated this problem. Is there similar BIOS for P6T/P5T SE? Or maybe somebody with sufficient knowledge/skills could prepare one? Any help would be appreciated.