I have been fighting this Gateway Client Pro pc for some time now. I had issues with the previous m/b which had 2 bulging caps, so I replaced it. This is a dual core E4620D with 3 gb ram running Windows 7, 64b.
It would not even power up, so I did the obvious and went all the way back. I removed the board, redid the cpu paste, checked all fans. I had also installed a new cx430 corsair p/s and new pc2-5300 ram.
The breadboxed the board and got it to power up with the fans. I figured that maybe I did not tighten the m/b screws enough because I found 2 that were loose...I then re-installed the board and hooked everything back up.
Still no post beep..the fans run but that is all. When you hold the power button on to turn off, the fans all power down but the led on the power button stays on as well as the ethernet rj45 plugin ...it only goes off by turning off the p/s switch or unplugging. BTW, the board is an ECS, Q35t-GB ver 1.1. What are the boot sequence order? fans>cpu>memory>video????
Any help would certainly be appreciated