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Thread: MSI KT3 Ultra2-R

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    I'll look into those models you've suggested. Prices seem to be very reasonable as well. All aside, I do like look of the Yellow Woven Kevlar found on B&W's and Wharfe's. It's just one of those cosmetic things that makes them nice to look at with the grill off. Gosh they can probably make some Technics Speakers with the Kevlar and I'd probably sold. LOL, then again definitely not.

    I'm wondering how much of the overall tonal, frequency response I lose when using the same sub/driver in a smaller cabinet. That's the one bad thing about shopping for bookshelf speakers. I'll be moving into a apartment within the next year so floorstanding speakers are out of the question. I'm also not to fond of the sat-sub combos, they always seem to be lacking, which is why I want to stay with bookshelfs. That's in case you are wondering why I'd limit myself.

    I actually like the Specs of the DM602's over the 805's, I think the 7" driver is it's strength over other Bookshelfs which are mainly limited to 6 1/2". Have you auditioned these by chance? I should have some time audition them this weekend while the Mrs. go's shopping. :)

    I'll let you know what goes on...Wharfe's did always seem to offer a bang for the $$$ but the cabinetry isn't quite up to par with others.
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    your right about the yellow kevlar driver, it makes the speakers nice to look at with the grills off.
    I have auditioned the DM602's. All I can say is their B&W all the way!!!! Same great sound as found in most of their speakers... I'm actually planning on using the 602's for my rears when i finish up my basement theater... As for the subwoofer, my favorite subwoofer i've heard (also planning on 2 for the theater) are the SVS 16-36 models.. They come in a passive and powered version.. ( A friend of mine has a couple of the passives, 1 on each channel and they sound great, the 16-36 hits down as low as 16hz, very fast reponce too, great for audio. With that depth I think they'll make great movie subs too...

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