Basically started seeing stuff for the "880" and ATI though it dosent seem to look as ready and was wondering if there is any credence to these posts? (If it does come out unless you go with water block from the start you'll have to wait for after mkt version of the GPU just as with the r9 290x or 780ti but it still should cut costs off current hardware). The time frame makes some sense in that a Christmas release is best and "IF" they release then what would that do to the 290x/780ti prices. Do you think I should ignore it and make the purchase as its all not for sure yet(Except for the x99 roswell-E), or should I wait, really appreciate your view?

First rumoured specs of GeForce GTX 880/GM104 published | KitGuru
Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti SLI compare Nvidia GeForce GTX 880 GPU

p.s. was going to go with the z97 chipset and now the x99 coming out do you think that should chance anything (I plan to buy one GPU now and another after some time after prices drop and would love to have the ability to run at least 2 or 3 cards all at x16 where with the 1150 its not possible. I have read that it docent makes a big performance difference to go x16/x8 but will haswell-e (you can run x16/x16) be way better than the haswell and offer a better product to wait for, I put in lots of homework and now im lost?
Does it make sense and wait till the new Haswell-E x99 mother boards and new i7 5960x(not i7-4790k) will be available and will they be a lot better than old haswell or z97 and the new GPUS a lot better than the r9 290x or 780ti?