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Thread: FSB Question

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    I ran PCMark2002 and I was surprised to find that the FSB is running at 133 Mhz...that doesn't seem right because both the processor and the mobo support bus speeds up to 533. Is this correct, or is pcmark not reading it correctly, or is there some bios setting i have to change? Thanks in advance!

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    You are running a 133 FSB, as I'm sure all the replies will spell out. The P4 runs a quad-pumped FSB, for its former 400MHz, that translates to 100MHz x 4 = 400 MHz. In the case of your 2.8GHz P4 and its 533 FSB, it is roughly 133MHz x 4 = 533 MHz. Don't worry, your computer is running just fine...just remember the quad pumping and you'll be alright, no worries.

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    Yes only the real speed is being reported and not the data rate. ;)

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