no errors... got stable for about a couple of hours... it was a record then it did it again. so i upped the voltage to 1.8v. didn't want to mess around with the memory because it would definitely be unstable. i thought that did the trick. reinstalled winxp. and ran fine for about one night. the next day, i was working and the system froze and rebooted. now it goes to winxp logo and flashes then reboots. i get an endless reboot. so i decided to just give up and get a different mobo. i ordered epox 8k5a2+. i read good reviews about this board. could this instability be a faulty CPU as well? RAM i guess is fine since it passed memtest. but then i was wondering if it could be a faulty ram? since i cna't get aggressive timings on my samsung pc2700 stick. thoughts? should i send the CPU back and get a different one? or test that with the new mobo i ordered?