I decided to go with the GIGABYTE G1 Gaming 7 vs the ASUS Z170-DELUXE due to very similar specs of what I need, half the price and a few extra SATA Express slots fro future things that may need it.

What I am looking for now is the memory for it. I would like to start my new build with 32GB (Chrome tabs will easily eat half) and ran into a question on supported RAM from heir spec sheet. I want to get the 2 sticks of 16GB each (CMK32GX4M2B3200C16) since they are the same price as buying 4 sticks of 8GB each plus it gives me a chance to expand in future if needed. The spcs though, say they this memory is only supported by 2 sockets rather than 4. Am I
understanding the following that I will not be able to get 4 sticks of this memory of I ever chose to do so? Also, note that for some reason, this what memory is listed twice in their supported RAM guide.

BTW, are there any benefits of having 4 sticks vs 2 sticks of the same total RAm equaling to 32GB?