Hi All,

'Been scouring google for info (even just today 'discovered' Kaby Lake lol) on a new workstation build to replace my somewhat still capable 2600k system from 2012. I like the tests and benchmarks provided by Puget Systems as they have some of the only clearcut examples of various CPU configs I've been able to find. I found their blog during a search when I was looking at building a dual Xeon setup ...only to find through their tests that Lightroom and PS CC prefer clock speed to core and cpu count... Same seems to be true for my audio programs ...hence my current affair with the 6700k.
As of today with my discovery of Kaby Lake, my reqmnts have been expanded just a titch. So here we go...and thanks in advance...hopefully I've done enough homework to NOT be admonished to some "Best of...." site... altho I'm completely open to that if that's the case :D

Importing to and editing from RAID0 sometimes 2K-5K 35-70MB RAW files using:
Lightroom CC
Photoshop CC
ACDSee Ultimate
(Adobe Master Suite 5.5 but not really utilized much these days)​
Audio recording and editing 24bit/ 48K audio files, projects range from 200MB to 7GB using:
Ableton 9 Beta latest ver. (running VSTs NI Komplete, NI Maschine, Spectrasonics Omnisphere, FabFilter Suite, Izotope Suite, etc..)​
USB interfaces:
1 Audio interface
1 DJ controller
4 MIDI controllers
1 hub controls 1 keyboard 1 wireless mouse and some occasional thumbdrives
1 ext SATA dock USB3
1 USB3 connection for transferring images out of camera​
Current components for the new build:
Define R5, 1070 gpu, USB audio interface, Corsair 850 or 750 psu, PCIe DSP card, 2 5TB HDDs for RAID, 2 SSDs, multiple odds and ends HDDs​

-So correct me if I'm wrong, but there really shouldn't be any advantage to jump to an X99 setup, right?
-Seems like higher freq would ultimately be better/ cheaper so OC'g a 6700k or 7700k makes sense. Now I'm no expert but certainly not a noob to adjusting in BIOS..altho it looks a lot easier these days with Windows based apps to make tweaks and observations.
-I don't see a need for an SLI setup and that 1070 I have now is overkill for my current needs
-I won't need an audio interface/ sound card but it could interesting to experiment with at some point. (latency mainly)
-M.2 slot(s): Definitely want to jump into this game and I like that some boards have dual or even triple slots to set up a RAID config. My question tho is will this "disable" some features from the M.2 SSD itself? I made this mistake with my 2600k build and effectively disabled TRIM support on my RAID0 SSDs for OS.
This alone would increase my efficiency in LR by keeping my current projects' RAW files on the M.2 and moving them over to storage drives when I'm done editing.
-SATA ports....I currently have the 2 5TB drives in RAID which acts as my "working drive" for both photo and music, and a bunch of "static" hard drives that house various files: MP3's on one, backup images on another, documents, program update files, etc on a third. 6 sata ports (seems like the standard) is nice but more would nicer :)
-Reliability ...sorta goes without saying. My workstation is on pretty much 24/7 so I can access remotely. Thtats one feature with ASUS I found that could be useful is OC'g profiles via one of their apps...having the ability to 1-touch a profile and throttle it back to a more "idle" state. Maybe all the manufactures out there do this nowadays??
-Fiscally, I'm not one to put an "upper price tag" on this build. It's not a Mac so I'm already saving money. I'll throw money at something if I know there's a damn good ROI but with everything these days, there is a threshold. At some point, spending another $200 to gain 5% more performance is not worth it to me. That being said, I spent about $1200 on my current rig back in late 2011 and it's lasted me 5 years?!! That's pretty damn good in my book.
-RAM ..I've used G.Skill pretty much exclusively but I'm not tied up them if something is better/ makes more sense...just as long as it'll work with an OC'd machine
-Using Win7 64

My current likes:
Gigabyte Gaming 7 with Thunderbolt
+Thunderbolt could be nice to have at some point as quite a few audio interface companies are moving in that direction
+OP-AMP feature...being able to swap out some other Burr Brown or Sabre opamp is pretty cool but not that big of a concern
+I like the LEDs on the back panel as it would make it easier for me to connect and disconnect (I keep my pc under and towards the back of my desk)
+2 M.2 slots and 8 sata connections (am I reading that correctly?)
-It's performance numbers seem to lag behind ASUS but would that be felt in the realworld?

ASUS ROG VIII Extreme/ Assembly/ Formula/ Hero...let's just say the entire line of these.
-None of these guys have dual M.2​

GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-Designare
+dual M.2

So I guess the only other question is which one of these boards would fit my needs best with a 7700k?
Seems like the only advantage for a Z270 board is the Intel storage thingy that might be delayed anyways..plus, the drives will probably be expensive as hell.

Thanks for the read..I know it's a long one, but this will really help me out with my creative pursuits :D