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Thread: Motherboard suggestions????

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    OK...... I have finally decided what I am going to do! I am going to replace my current motherboard (soyo sy k7vta pro) with a new motherboard that will take the new DDR memory! (Mine will only use SDRAM) I want to get the fastest DDR memory I can currently get (400mb ??) and the best mother board that will take it! I am going to currently use my AMD athlon xp 2000 processor, but I plan on later upgrading the chip to a 2700! (So I need a motherboard that will be compatible with my xp 2000 chip now and run a 2700 chip or above in the future!) Can any of you give me a suggestion as to what Motherboard (Brand and model number) I should upgrade to? Also please include what kind of memory I need to purchase for it! I will be getting 512mb of whatever I need because I have win xp professional installed. (DDRAM 333mgz or 400mgz??)I had an ASUS board when I had my 1 gigahertz AMD chip and it seemed to fly..... ASUS seemed to be a good brand.....but I will take whatever is best! I don't have a TON of money, but I want to get me a board that will last for awhile, so I figure even if it costs me a little more to purchase it and the RAM, that would be the safest way of doing it! HERE ARE MY CURRENT SPECS: Soyo SY K7VTA Pro Motherboard, AMD Athlon XP 2000 processor, 512 mb Kingston SDRAM, Plexwriter 40/12/40a CD Burner, Acer 56x CD Drive, Iomega ZIP 100 internal Atapi drive, Generic 3.5 disk drive, Motorola 56k modem (NOT USED-I use a COM 21 DOXport 111 cable modem-usb connection) Soundblaster Audigy 2 Soundcard, XFX mx440 AGP video card (Plan on getting a new Ti4200 soon-sold my Abit Siluro Ti4200 because it wouldn't work whenever I reformatted my drive-had to replace my vid card until reformat was complete and then put back in the Abit Siluro....too much hassle!) Bearpaw USB Scanner-USB connection, HP Deskjet 940c printer-LAPT connection and a KDS 19 inch flat screen monitor. All suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

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    Ok Can we get a budget please
    Anyway lets start im going to say Nforce 2 If you want to use the bandwidth of that 3200 or DDR 400

    There are a few good boards out which had my eye on
    First up I like EPoX just for the Overclock ability (hey im a tweaker)
    Also ABIT are a great company with a good rep so you cant go wrong with one of those two

    But one I would stay away from is ASUS
    Look ASUS make good boards but
    the A7V333 Has totally turned me off it
    Ive had a to RMA 4/5 boards that Ive sold It just didnít seem to cut it.

    Now something that has surprised me a lot has been the
    Chaintech 7NJS nForce2
    have a look at this Review
    Now in all the test is stood up to the ASUS
    The Only problem is availability But judging from the fact you have a SOYO (Another great brand) you would likely be American.
    So you should be able to get it.

    But its totally up to you
    but stick to these brands
    EPoX (if your an overclocker)
    ABIT (For Pro-Formance and features but at a price)
    SOYO (Great all-round boards)
    and this new NForce 2 chaintech from reading around looks good

    anyway cheers nutty
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    Thanks for the info! There are so many boards out there, it is hard to tell which to get! But I LIKE that chinatech suggestion! They make killer vid cards! Matter of fact, the next Ti 4200 I am gonna get will be a chinatech! Thanks again!

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