Hey there!

I didn't knew where to post this thread, so i decided Motherboards is propably the right one. My Problem is that i have an old fileserver, which i wanted to use again has no bios cpu support for my new bought LGA 771 to 775 modded XEON X5460 from 2006. I have heared that you have to put this ncpucode.bin into your bios.bin with CBROM195.exe. The problem is that cmd/cbrom gives a "cbrom195.exe v.19.5 Phoenix technologies" message, but nothing happens after that for like hours running this command:
cbrom195.exe Bios.BIN /nc_cpucode NCPUCODE.BIN

The point is i had to backup my bios with majorgeeks bios backup tool. Idk if that is the problem why cbrom195.exe can't execute.

The mainboard is a 2006 fujitsu-siemens dc2151s1 mainboard with locked bios. Atm i am running a good old pentium4 630 and it works.

If anybody could help me include the ncpucode into the bios.

It is a locked v5 phoenix bios: Bios