Had a real scare last night (Merry $#@*ing Christmas Eve, NOT!!) I was transfering the guts of my old computer into a case that I don't care for too much to take it into work. I'm going to mod the old case that I just LOVE to pieces, I got a new system that is running in a case that is OK, not worth playing with though. So anyway, this case that I'm transfering all the old guts into has pre installed standoffs (they look like little domes that are part of the plate which the Motherboard is attatched to. So I put her in there, found a shield that fit PERFECTLY to the configuration in the back and popped that into the ports hole and then seated and screwed in the MB and hooked every thing up and then powered up. Now mind you I put my own USB mouse and my serial keyboard and had to use my monitor to see what I was doing. Booted up and it just hung there, reset and I got a readout then it hung again. Then I reset again and got into the BIOS and then the keyboard and mouse both hung. So then I tried a hard boot and got a little further and then they both froze again. This went on for a couple more time and then I decided to take it all apart and reseat everything (I mean everything!!!). That did no good. So then I went to hook back my monitor, keyboard and mouse onto my system. Guess what, the monitor was fine (kinda) but the mouse and keyboard were unresponsive.

Do you think that it has something to do with the shield or maybe a shock (I was using a shield braclet and touched metal constantly)??

I got them back working but only after I grounded myself and then rubbed the connectors for both with my fingers and then I changed the powercord and rubbed the back area where the ports are on the new system and then rebooted and I got everthing working again. WHEW!!

I am afraid to go any further with the old system at this point. I don't want to use my own keyboard and mouse for that work (guess it's time to invest in a cheap mouse and keyboard for this kind of stuff, eh??)

I know this is not directly MB stuff but it is if it's about the shielding and grounding stuff, so any ideas or suggestions?? One thing I did see in the BIOS was that everything was listed, so the system sees all the drives, that's good right?? Memory was also recognized too!!

Thanks very much

Richard ;)