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Thread: MSI Boards

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    Oct 2002


    Hey... just a question....
    I'm looking for a new board, and I think I have found one that would suit my needs...but I would like some feedback.
    I was considering waiting for the Granite Bay boards to come out with some volume, but, the prices seem just a bit on the ..well...ummm PRICY side....
    So I think I will go with the MSI boards.
    But what chipset?
    648 Max MS-6585 with SiS 648 with DDR 333+ or
    845PE Max2-FIR (Gigabit LAN, IEEE 1394, ATA133 RAID)...but it is DDR333 only (PC2700), and 4x AGP.

    Decisions decisions.


    I have a 2.26 Ghz P4, 1GB PC2100 DDR (2-512 Samsung's from Crucial I think)

    For cooling I.... oh yeah I forgot.... which HSF???
    TT Volcano 7+ or the TT 468 Dragon?? The dragon is cheaper, is quieter and heavier (both are copper) but which is better?

    Thanks in advance for your opinions.


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    Personally I would get the board with the 845PE chipset as it has Hyperthreading support for the future.
    Also maybe you should look at getting some PC2700 ram as the P4 needs the bandwith.

    Not sure about which heatsink is better but the standard HSF with the P4 is very good already and many people even overclock with just that.

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    If ya do happen to change the HSF then only get the Volcano 7+ as the 468 Dragon is by far noisier plus doesn't quite cool as well. ;)

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    Thanks guys.... I DID go get the MSI 845PE MAX-2 FIR....
    It's nice.
    I bought the Thermaltake Xaser A5000 Case as well, and now I have 10 fans in my P4 is running a niiiiice cooooooooolllll 29.0* C right now......

    Now I just have to crank up the juice a bit and ......

    we'll just have to see what we will see.


    Yeah I got the TT Volcano 7+.
    It's the one that says "BAD MOTHERFUC*ER" on it...
    Thermaltake Xaser II A5000 (with 5 fans)
    300W Enermax EG301-PVE dual fan PS
    Win XP Home
    2.26Ghz P4 533 Bus
    MSI GF4 MX 440 64 Mb DDR
    1.0GB PC2100 DDR
    80Gb Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM
    SB Live! X-Gamer 5.1
    3.5 Mbps / 800 Kbps DSL

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