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Thread: What is the best Small Form Factor W/AGP and Where Can u Fin

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    What is the best small Form Factor (ie Shuttle, QBic, I-Cube by Advance, Asus SFF's, MSI's Hermes ect) that has a AGP port? both amd and intel. Please list and say the price found cheapest.

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    Sorry but I havn't dealt with anything that small and the last mATX mobo's were PIII mobo's about twelve months ago. :(

    Oh if ya don't get a responce in the next few hours I'll move this thread over to the mobo forum to see if ya get a better answer there. ;)

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    thanx ^_^

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    I like the look of those Shuttle mini barebones systems the SB51G utilizes the i845GE chipset & has an empty AGP slot

    I beleive they run in the $300-350USD range

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    SKG41 (amd 275 !!!)

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    I just built a mATX system for my parents using this:

    Intel D845GERG2

    Put it into the Enlite 7150 mATX case, which just happens to take a full ATX power supply. Gave me a good spot to put an Antec 300w supply I pulled out of an Antec case (and replaced with a tru-power 380). I like the Enlite cases much better than the Antec (and I've tried lots of both). My parents have no need to play games, in fact this replaced the pentium 233mx that died (that they were quite happy with). Cheap stick of DDR 333 memory, used the built in "Intel Extreme Graphics", and since I bought the board with the optional LAN, they have everything they need without a slot used (plus the 2 gig Celeron makes them really happy). Won't go obsolete anytime soon, since you could always stick in an ATI 9700 and upgrade the CPU to a 533 fsb P4 since I used the 333 memory. Cheap, extremely reliable, and fits their needs. You didn't say what your needs were.

    Personally I'm running an Intel D845PEBT2 with built in LAN, an ATI 9700 AIW Pro. With built in SATA raid, and the standard IDE ports, I'm ready for the future. Got a nice stick of Mushkin DDR 333 memory (512megabytes) Mushkin high performance DDR I used to only buy Corsair, but when Mushkin came out with their high performance, I just had to try it. My Corsair sticks fail at th same settings as the Mushkin (i.e. the ones the Mushkin advertise). The Intel board really are picky about memory. I've had so much bad luck with anything other than Intel and Asus motherboards that I wouldn't consider anything else. These are my 7th and 8th Intel motherboards, had three Asus, and never had any fail (except the perfectly good Intel cc820 motherboard they insisted on replacing with a vc820 with 128 meg stick of rambus memory for the trouble). The infamous memory translator hub problem (but the board performed flawlessly for me for almost a year). Every other cheapo board I tried I just wasted weeks on, although to be fair that was in the k6-2 and k6-3 days. Okay, you might be able to get 2% better benchmarks, but my system is as rock solid as a windows system gets (and yes, I'm a Solaris big iron geek, so windows really sucks to me). Great games though.

    Now I have to find a nice firewire card to hook up my camcorder, since before I had an ATI 8500 aiw dv.

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    wow thats sounds cool whats the fsb on that?

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