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Thread: GA-7VAXP Error 7 Bad Service... what next

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    Well i just wrote a email to gygabyte..... So ill use that to let you fellas know what im on about

    Upon installing this system the POST screen went by with out any troubles. After that i went to install my copy of WIN XP PROFESSIONAL and imeadiatly got the following error " Setup can't load setupdds.sys. This is error code 7."

    So perplexed i went onto your web site and looked for answers not finding any i proceeded to call Microsoft customer support. They informed me that it is a BIOS problem. I also flashed my bios to the F9 patch. Still no avail. So i tried another computers HDD that already had a copy of WIN XP PRO installed. this booted up with no problems. I also using the previous HDD tried to install WIN 98 and LINUX Mandrake both of these worked Fine.

    I then managed to format the HDD to Fat 32 and copied the install files for WIN XP PRO to the HDD and ran setup. It recopied the files to the HDD and reset the computer to boot into its setup shell. After the POST screen I found that I recieved this message.

    "Could'nt open drive multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)
    NTLDR:Could'nt open drive multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)"

    From there I again rang customer support at microsoft. They sugested that i may have a faultiy Mother board, Or a faulty BIOS.

    So Here i am asking your for help. The vendor thinks that because it passes the POST screen there are no troubles. So then why on 3 Different HDDs does this problem occour?

    Thank you for your time.

    I Have found that a number of other people on the internet in forums have also had this problem.

    Perhaps you uber qweakers know what the hell is going on ..

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    Go into your BIOS and select Load Safe Defaults (or whatever that BIOS has that does the same), then try again and tell us what happens. ;)

    [i]I leave ya other thread in the Windows forum for the momment in case I'm wrong but really one post is enough</> :smokin:

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    I left a possible solution on the Windows thread. Check it out.

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    Default Re: GA-7VAXP Error 7 Bad Service... what next

    Thanks a lot Mr Wiggo .. that post helped a lot .. I had similar problem but thn changing the BIOS setting really worked .. :-) .. m happy again ..

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