I have a strange problem with an EP-4SDA5+ overhere, it is not possible to get any of my three CD-RWs to work in UDMA-Mode. I've done everything that came to my mind to solve this problem, changed drivers, cables, jumper settings, BIOS settings, reinstalled WinXP and tried other CD-RWs, flashed BIOS of the burner an the MOBO back an forward to different versions, but they only work in PIO-Mode 4.

My system ist build out of the following components:

MOBO EPoX 4SDA5+ (Firewire, Raid, LAN, Sound onboard)
CPU Intel P4 2,667 GHz
RAM Siemens/Infinion 512 MB PC 333 CL 2.5
HD 2x WD 800 JB Raid 0 on HPT 372
DVD Toshiba SD-M1712 16x/48x secondary master
CD-RW Yamaha CRW-F1 44x/24x/44x primary master

The Toshi works fine in UDMA2 on Secondary-IDE-Master or any other IDE-Channel/Port, but none of the CD-RWs like the Yamaha, a Sony 24x/10x/40x or a Philips 24x/12x/40x does. Other CD-Rs or DVD-Drives I've tried also work fine. I've tried all the drives in two other machines and they work like the should in UDMA-Mode 2.

Last week I've dropped a mail to the Yamaha-Support, 'cause I noticed that the CD-RW didn't show up the "Minor Version" for the used ATA-Protocol (the Toshi delivers a "ATA/ATA-5") when I use the Ahead-Nero Info-Tool and the SiS-IDE-Tool to get some information about the drives, but didn't get any reply yet. At this time I think it isn't a problem of the Yamaha-Burner, because it runs in UDMA-Mode on other machines and there are three burners that wan't work correctly on that *stupid* SiS 648/963 Chipset.

For now I've decided to change the MOBO another time (my first EP-SDA5+ blew up from blue sky after a little two hours of benchmarking with slightly higher FSB), 'cause the gameport of this one doesn't work and it has some more little problems. Sure, the board is a really nice one for overclocking, playing around with that whole bunch of features and it supports AGP 3.0 and PC400-RAM, but what's this worth if your burner runs in PIO4? Nothing!

Here are some extra informations about my config for the case that anyone has a solution for this prob:

GraCa Gainward GeFo 4 Powerpack 650 XP Golden Sample AGP-8x
OS MS Windows XP Pro SP 1
Enemax 350 Watt silent
Titan Cooler (copper) modded with 80mm Pabst 19/dBa