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Thread: Help!!!!!!

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    I need help!!!! I went to update the bios on my SE6 abit motherboard. Well i followed their directions on their website to a "t" and when i replaced the CCMOS jumper back to the correct position of 1 and 2 i turned the computer on and i get nothing but a blank screen. I dont know what happened. I followed their directions perfectly. Is there anyway i can correct this or did i just screw up my motherboard for good. I emailed there tech support but of course i will not here from them for who knows how long!!!!

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!
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    most mobo manufacturers will tell you, in case of a failed BIOS Flash, you need to send it back to them to have it re-flashed. That's precisely why I have never flashed BIOS. Check your mobo manual or call the manufacturer.
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    Don't know if it's the same for Abit, but on the Gigabyte board I just picked up you can push and hold the RESET button for 20 seconds, this will do a BIOS reboot. It worked when I had a video problem. HTH
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