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Thread: Ga-8inxp

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    I think SiS knows that with a great product delivered at this moment it will pust their name extremely far. It would be the straw that breaks the camels' back if the 655 isn't stable and they know it. They have a chance here to gain considerable market share with a product line that shows its' brawn at this moment in the wake of the GB offerings by Intel. If, as I believe it will be, the SiS 655 chipset will be the new king of the hill. Look at it this way, why are ppl willing to buy the GB chipset? To have the top dog? Why spend that much money on this expensive of a chipset if it isn't the best p4 platform going? I mean after all, why not stick with the 850 chipset which is top dog STILL! Is ram the issue? After all the hype about how expensive rdram is when compared to the cost of the GB mobo it really isn't that much more expensive. One thing to keep in mind though is that the death blow has been delivered to rdram, and the amount of ram supported on the 850 chipset is also an issue, but most gamers are quite happy with its' ram limits. Once the bios gets tweaked on the SiS655 it will no doubt be the mobo to catch. I'm buying the GA-SINXP1394(BO stepping) for sure! I cancelled my vaporware GA-8INXP mobo order.
    BTW, NewEgg has the P4G8X listed for sale on their site...SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!

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    I have stayed out of this for a while . . .

    Well, I too have found the 8INXP impossible to come by. After two more webtailers basically lied telling me they had it in stock, then charging my credit card, then whoops, of gosh we don't have it after all!

    So, I have ordered an SINXP1394 as well. It is actually in the mail as I write. And it was cheaper. Although I can't understand how it could possibly help performance unless the FSB speed is overclocked substantially, I went ahead and bought Samsung PC3200 for it. It will be interesting to see if the system runs faster at PC3200 with CAS3, or PC2700 with CAS2.

    I don't know if the board I ordered will be A0 or B0. How can I tell once it arrives? This is important to me as I am going to put a 3.06G P4 in it and intend to run HT.

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