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Thread: GA-7VAX Processor Speed Readings

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    Im 0 for 20, or so. :cool: I hope nothing goes south anytime soon. Because the luck of it would be that i do it at work and not on my own rig, and that comes strait out the paycheck. :(

    Oh yeah and ECS boards are like mid-grade schwag. Dont use one unless you really need to due to cash flow. :afro:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corbinator
    But I had some questions.

    It still has the no video support when I up the clock speed to 132 in the bios, unless I manually switch the AGP to 4X. It works when I do this, but the cpu reads as a 1716 rather than 2100+... still better than the 1500+ that it used to see it as.

    The bios update changed an AGP option, so I'm not exactly sure if this will change anything, but how is it seeing it as 1716?

    AMD Athlon XP 2100+ (1.73GHz)
    Dats what it should read.
    That Mobo only supports x4/x8 thats why you have to change the jumper to x4 in order for it to work on that board. As you said yourself your card is a x2/x4.

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