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Thread: the machine does not post

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    :thumbs do

    does anyone can help me out here :D

    The machine does not POST. I have tried removing cards and changing there
    slots but that had the same result. I have tried unplugging the drives. I
    have tried changing ram. Still the machine does not POST. The power supply
    functions, The machine powers on.

    What do u think?

    The Pc is a F#@$2in sux i know!!:cry:

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    Could be several problems. Bad memory, bad motherboard, melted processor... the list goes on.

    You say that the PSU is good because the machine powers on, what exactly happens when you give it the juice?
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    i've had a very similar problem, and it turned out to be the power supply, even though the machine powered on

    It destroyed 2 motherboards before I was finaly able to nail it down as the culprit

    many things can cause this problem...but most relate to the mobo

    if it is the power supply, simply changing the psu wont fix the problem, the damage has already been done...but it will keep it from happening again

    but like I could be several things, but don't rule out the psu, simply becacuse you are still getting power
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    Have you cleared the CMOS yet? :?:

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