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Thread: memory speed diferences

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    this question has probably been adressed in another thread but I didn't see any headings that looked similar > I have 2 128mb pc 133 chips (256-pc133) and 2 64mb pc100 chips (128md pc100). my mobo soyo sy-7vca-e has 3 slots and is compatable with both speeds . can I use my 256 of 133 and 64 of my100 ? Also what speed or other setting do I need to consider in my bios ? Thanks to all that read this long post and if you can help it will be greatly apreciated .

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    It'll depend on what speed your FSB & memory is running at - If you have a 133FSB chip - chances are your PC100 will cause you some grief
    If you are using a 100FSB chip (and aren't running your memory faster than your FSB) you should be able to mix and match PC100 & PC133
    Without knowing the details of your set up, I can't get any more specific than that, except to say - If you've already got 256MB of PC133 installed - the extra 64MB of PC100 won't really improve your performance noticably anyway

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