Hello everyone. I have recently got a new mother board MSI K7N2G-L (IGP+MCP, Onboard 10/100 Lan):

and also an AMD Athlon™ XP 2600+, the first time that I use an AMD processor! I also have an Antec case!

I have a question about the Sys Fan Power Connector on mother boards. I’m wondering what they do? Do they just report the sys fan speed to mother board?

When I connect my Sys fan cable of my Antec case (which comes out of the Power Box, right?) I get a high noise that actually drives me insane just after few seconds. If I disconnect the Sys Fan Power Connector from my motherboard, I don’t get that sound and everything is perfect! What should I do? Is it bad not to connect it? Any ideas why I get that?

Also I’m wondering how high the cpu temperature can get? I’m currently getting 60 c for cpu and 36 c for sys. And what is this sys temperature? The temp of the power box?

Also an observation about speed. My Athlon XP is working around 2.08 GHz. I had an intel P4 1.8 GHz before and didn’t expect very much difference. All I can say is that Windows XP starts a lot faster now than just a 200 Hz increase! Before, it took a lot of time for Win XP to start and it was kind of an enigma to me actually!

Anyway thanks for any answers.