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Thread: Ram for motherboard!

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    Ok, i want to buy a new motherboard but first i need to know which type of ram is better/faster. I looked at magazines and i found out there are two types, in which i like:

    512MB pc1066 rambus memory

    512MB pc2700 ddr memory

    which one should i get?


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    the rambus is the faster of the two however it is more expensive and rumored to on its way out from being supported by chip makers.
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    1066 RDRAM is pretty much the fastest but it costs almost 2-3 times the DDR. Last time I check prices DDR 2700 512MB was going for 53$ and RDR1066 256MB going for $80 X 2= $160.
    DDR can go up to 3700 speed, though most beyond 2700 arent considered legit so to speak. Somthing about stability beyond 2700,ect. )
    I look at it like this, I can get 512 of RDRAM that runs a little faster than DDR or for a cheaper price I can get 1 gig of DDR which will make a LOT of computer games smoke!(very fast, hehe)
    From the benchmark tests Ive see 1066 only ran a little faster than 2700, maybe 10-20 points here, an 5-10 fps faster there.
    So if you dont care about the cost go RDRAM. But the difference between having 512 of memory an 1 gig is the difference between night an day. Performance boost is very noticable with more memory with some of the graphic intense games of today.
    If you do go the DDR route. Either way you'll most likely be ditchin the ram the next time you upgrade anyway.
    I personally am going for a dual channel DDR board an a gig of DDR.

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