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Thread: Which board?

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    I am about to attempt to build my first computer. I am interested in what you think is the best 266 chipset board. I want to get into overclocking. I have a 750 duron processor. Has anyone used refurbished boards?Can generic ram be used when overclocking?
    Since this is my first, I intend to keep it low budget in case I learn something the hard way.
    Please respond. Let me know what you think. Thanks


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    i dunno about the specific chipset that you're asking, but i got 2 refurb. boards for dirt cheap. and i havent had a problem with them. one is being overclocked, but the other isnt.
    For the RAM, i wouldnt go w. gereric. You might get lucky and being able to overclock, but why not spend few extra bucks and know that you will.
    BTW I hear that the xp1700 oveclocks nicely (mine running at 1800 specs and under 100F) and they are dirt cheap too.

    just my :2cents:

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    Just a change to a basic DDR platform will give that Duron 750 life that you never thought possible. A good cheap but fast mobo would be EPoX's EP-8K3AE and some reasonable grade PC2700 memory will work wonders plus darkside capabilities are are built in should ya decide to improve cooling and go on expenditions into this uncharted zone. :devil win

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    I suggest you get the Nforce2 board. It might be little more expensive right now but consider this - it will always be the biggest upgrade you have to do so getting the latest model now gives you time, second it will run all the stuff you intended to use with your 266 board - and faster! (ofcourse you need to have ddr memory but still)

    I recently upgraded my wifes pc's motherboard and ram from kt133 and pc133 sdr to Nforce2 and pc2700 ddr. Everything else remained the same. using Geforce4 Ti4200 I noticed +3200 points increase in 3D Mark 2001SE.
    I almost didn't belive my eyes.

    Nforce boards are overclockers dream and if you get a board with locked agp and pci - its even more easier and safer to overclock your heart out.



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