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Thread: mouse and keyboard not working

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    Ok, I have been having problems with my old motherboard (such as it only being able to run a 100 mhz FSB) so I bought an Asus A7V8X (KT 400 chipset). Here are my system components:

    *Athlon XP 1500+ Processor
    *256 MB Corsair DDR PC2100, 512 MB OEM DDR PC2100
    *Geforce 3 Ti200 64MB
    *Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer
    *DVD rom and CD burner
    *80 GB Western Digital Hard Drive
    *Windows XP Home

    My problem is when I boot up into Windows and get to the login screen I can't move my mouse or use the keyboard. But when I boot into BIOS, the keyboard works fine when navigating the menu. I have disconnected all my devices except for the hard drive and video card and I have taken out the OEM stick.

    Some other things that could be useful is that when I first booted it automatically took me into bios. I changed the CPUXternal frequency to 133/33 and the system hanged. I don't know if this has any relevance. Also I'm using an Intellimouse explorer for the mouse, and the red light in the back that normally comes on when the PC comes on is not lighting up, but the light under is. I have also tried a regular mouse ball w/ no luck. Please give me ideas to fix this problem!!

    Thx so much

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    seems rather odd?
    The 1006 version of the BIOS does mention it fixes some problems with the;
    "Solve sometimes PS/2 keyboard or mouse failed to power on after entering S5."

    But I have no clue what the "S5" is:confused:

    I don't know that the BIOS is the place to start, but then again.....the keyboard and mouse controllers apparently do work as you have functionality while you are within the BIOS.

    Maybe someone else has another suggestion though?
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    Did your new mobo come with a Disk that has any drivers for devices?
    Did either of your mouses come with a install disk? I had a ball mouse once, pretty sure it had an install disk with it.
    You might check in your device manager to see if the old drivers from the old mobo are still in there conflicting with the new drivers that came with the new Mobo. Of course if you cant get mouse or keyboard to work I would suggest try putting your old Mobo back in an see if your mouse an keyboard work then, just to rule out possibilities and then go from there.

    Although Im pretty sure a full reinstall would fix your problem if you dont mind losing everything on your hard drive.

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    Ok well I fixed it. Apparently whenever you switch mobo's you need to start with a clean hard drive, don't know why but that's what my friend told me. I reformatted C: and reinstalled windows and everything works fine. Thanks

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