I have the above motherboard running BIOS version 7/11/2002.

However when i attempt to play videos or use direct x apps under XP my system hangs then blue screens.

I am using a G Force 2 MX 64mb card with the new detonator Nvidia drivers. I have also tried with a 32mb version of this card and problem still occurs, so i know its not the card itself.

I have direct X 9 installed but the problem still occurs.

This card and motherboard do not have any problems when using windows 2000, but as thats crap i want to run XP.

I have tried loading failsafe defaults in BIOS but no luck.

I have heard of a problem with memory speeds on G force 4 TI cards on this motherboard (the BIOS i upgraded to advised it fixed this problem) but does it affect this card & motherboard combo?

Anyone know how to resolve this?