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Thread: Sell A7N266 or A7V266-e?

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    This is a newb situation.:o I currently am running a A7N266 in my wife's system with a P.. 1900+. I have a A7V266-e new in the box I was going to use in another system but didn't.;) (just reveived a A7N8X Delux - nother story). The current system will be used for mild oc'ing to gain experience for the "big one" and will have moderate gaming, business app's, and net surfing as it's job.

    Here is the question - would it be simpler to sell it to a potential buyer and try the A7V266-e with a newer 2100+ Tbred "B" and up for oc'ing? In trying to skim through all of the posts (we know which is the "prime" mobo now!:D ) I seem to see conflicting answers about the bios oc'ing abilities of the A7V266. I have potential buyers for this board too.

    Also I have a new in the box Xtasy 6469(?) G3 Ti500 to use with it.

    I realize this is very close to another thread :o I posted - please bare with me time (as usual) is in short supply! ;) Any suggestions will definatly be reviewed and thanks for your time.:D
    OZ 1(wife's)
    A7N266/PA/WOL, BluOrb on N'bridge
    1900+ w/Volcano 7 modded
    Crucial 512 PC2700 w/tt spreader
    VisionTek G3 Ti-200 w/BluOrb & sinks
    On Board Sound
    Maxter 7200 40Gig w/HDD Cooler
    52X CD-ROM
    TDK 40/16/48
    Generic Mid Tower
    w/Enerex EG365P-VE
    Envision 17" LCD
    Stock Settings
    Starting to Go (1.7)

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    Both boards are pretty equal so ya goin' to have to go thru each and see which one has the better settings (soz but I havn't used an Asus board in a long time so I can help ya there).

    This guide should help ya out with what to look for. ;)

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