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Thread: Overclocking the Gigabyte 8INXP

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    easy tune only works when you start up windows.
    it runs in the background, taking up ram.
    but it is good for testing stability.
    so find your best speed, remeber the FSB setting, then go to bios, and change your FSB to what you had it on easy tune.
    in gigabyte mobos, the fsb setting will be under Frequency/Voltage settings, or something like that.
    then when you have done that get rid of easy tune, you dont need it any more, and it will always start up when you turn on the comp, no settings....

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    I put the juice to it, and here is what I ended up with.

    Put the FSB at 150
    That gave me a 3.15 Ghz (cpu is a Intel p4 2.8)
    Increased Vcore to 1.675v
    Temp of cpu after running for 5 hours, playing games, was 49c. I wasn't able to find Intel documentation that told me what the high temp limit was for this cpu. Does anyone know what the limit is?

    For this motherbard, you can keep the APG and PCI fixed at 33/66, so that is what I did. I have 1 gig of ram.

    This motherboard supports PC2100 at 266. I intalled PC3200 DDR400 memory, and increased the memory voltage to 2.8v, which increased the memory to 300mhz.

    I have the Hercules 9700 Pro video card. That comes with a Tweak program to overclock the video card. I increased my video core from 325mhz to 371mhz. You can also overclock the video memory, so I changed that from 620mhz to 662mhz. Oh, I had to set this video card down to 4x, cuz 8x still has lockup problems. Hercules said it was a motherboard issue, of course. Hercules also said that they specificly tested the 9700 pro with the 8INXP motherboard! Go figure! Gigabyte said to load the latest bios, which I did, but it didn't help. What's funny is that my score didn't go down when I put it at 4x vs 8x. So much for the 8x hype! Guess we'll have to wait for bios and driver updates before we can see anything valuable come from 8x. Not to mention they say no currently released applications support or use the 8x stuff anyway.

    With all 10 fans running, that includes the video, cpu, dual power stuff, hard drive, and case fans, I have an interal case temp of 83 degrees F.

    I've done some of the XP tweaks at as well.

    My main hard drive is using the onboard RAID with two WD 120gb with the 8mb cache, running RAID 0.

    Ran 3DMark 2003, the latest version, with all default settings, which means it ran in 1024 x 768, with most things enabled.

    My first score before ever making any changes was 4500 ish. My final score was 5262!

    Not bad with a P4 2.8.

    How does those numbers look? Is my voltage ok, with the other settings? I'm not having any problems, but I didn't have a guilde to how much to increase the voltage vs the freakquincy.


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