can anyone help me with this please? I have the asus a7n8x deluxe MB with a barton 2500 cpu 256 mrgs of crosair cas 2 ram radeon 9500 pro vid card two WD hard drives that i am tring to get to run on the onboard raid controler. the raid controler will see the drives and will strip them together. but windows will not boot from them. i have another hard drive that i loaded windows on (Xp Pro) . after i did this i loaded the drivers for the raid controler in to the os. windows then did find the raid controler and the drive atached to it. So now i am thinkin i have the problem licked right? Wrong! I went back and put thoses drivers on a floopy disk and tried to do a frest install of windows on the raid disks. ( when doing a fresh install windows gives u the option of using 3rd party raid controler drivers its one of the frist screens) so loaded the drivers for the raid controler and the install of windows seamed to go by without a hitch. then windows restarted and it didn't find the drives? i have no idea how to fix this please help!