I just wanted to update this in case anyone else ran into similar problems. How i fixed my problem was i stripped the computer down to just the motherboard and the power supply. Like others i was getting lights and fans but nothing else. I wasn't getting any vocal post messages either, but that's because i thought the messages would come through without hooking up speakers. You have to plug in speakers to hear her talk. And not just some headphones... if you do you'll hear her but barely. Well the first message i got was "No CPU installed". So i installed the CPU. Then I got a message that said "System failed CPU test". So i went out, bought a new CPU (thinking my old one was fried) and installed that. Well that didnt work, I got the same message, but thankfully I was able to return the new CPU. So then i bought a new power supply, a new CMOS battery, and RAM i knew would work (rather than the generic junk i was using). Sure nuff, it booted to the Post screen after all that. I'm thinking the original power supply was garbage even though it was running the fans, the lights, and the vocal post messanger. Also as indicated by others, the plastic AGP strip that i accidently removed apparently has no effect on booting up to the Post screen even though i'm using an AGP 4X card. So hope that helps someone.