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Thread: Help I need Help!!

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    i thought about mounting it in a freezer - however if its water cooled as well there may be a bit of a problem. I originally thought the VapoChill contained water but my bro showed me the error of my ways - it must contain sometype of anti freeze don't want the old beast turinging into a popsical!

    ta ta

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    Originally posted by t00lb0x
    but suicide, you live in Canada where your temps can be sub freezing where someone might live in warm Florda where its 90F constantly and it will be hotter for them
    The temperature outside in canada will not effect the computer temperature inside a house in a controlled temperature environment. Is it 90F inside the house in Florida? if so then I wouldnt be sitting in front of the computer anyways. If you want you can just empty out the shelving in a freezer and just put a chair in there and a little table and just hook it up in there. Good luck with that though hehe. jokes*

    in regards to this chilling the water in fridge before entering the pump....thats a bit extreme not to mention the costs of actually modding a minifridge to do this sort of operation. seems like overkill. And yes the lines will condensate and there will be moisture inside the case if the water is below room tempurature.

    regards :flames:

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