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Thread: Connecting external case USB ports to MSI motherboard

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    I have an MSI K7N2 motherboard and I'm trying to hook up the case installed USB ports into it. I'm having a slight issue and was hoping I could get clarification.

    Here's what my board manual lists for connecting USB devices:

    1. VCC
    2. VCC
    3. USB0-
    4. USB1-
    5. USB0+
    6. USB1+
    7. GND
    8. GND
    9. key (not used)
    10. USBOC

    Now here's what my case has labeled for the external USB port connectors:

    +5V 1
    +5V 2
    Ground 1
    Ground 1
    Ground 2
    +D 1
    +D 2
    -D 1
    -D 2

    Now I'm assuming VCC = +5V and USB+/- = D+/- right?

    So the thing that still confuses me is PIN 10 on my board USB connector labeled USBOC in the manual. What am I supposed to put there? Also does anyone know why my case would have two grounds for the same USB port? Am I supposed to put the second Ground 1 into the USBOC pin? Seems strange. Any help is appreciated.

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    USBOC is Ground 2
    but you dont have to connect it if you dont want to, see if it will work w.o it. :thumb:

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