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Thread: KT400 vs nForce2 vs ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darthtanion
    I wish you luck then. I've got a buddy who has that board (the Platinum Edition) and he gets horrible FSB overclocking. If you fare better, then all is good.
    I will prolly lean towards Darth's side on this one...since most Soyo boards are built stable...but not much of an overclocker...

    As for the Nforce 2 chipset...i have used..Epox, Asus, and Abit. All of those three brands are wonderful although i perfer Abit's and Epox's Bios a lil more but that is just perference ASUS is just fine. Epox's integrated Video MotherBoard with the nfroce 2 includes dual monitor btw...(just felt like sharing).

    Zeradul...nice seeing you around the board again...and if it was my choice...i wouldn't look any further...Nforce2 is the way to go with AMD right now.
    - Damien

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    ehhhh it does suck..... why do i always get the beat ****
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    i put together a system for a mate with the Epox 8RDA+ and a Athlon XP 2100+.... no problems at all, runs very very quickly...:)

    u can pick up the 8RDA+ for $199.00 AU which is brilliant.
    2100+'s are around $170 or so i think.

    the 64mb radeon 9000 is prolly a tad sluggish for him...oh well he didnt have enough cash anyways. :)
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    I just finished puttin' a T'bred 1800+ and 8RDA+ together and already there goin' at 11 x 166MHz. :devil win

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