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Thread: Hacked Bios??

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    I have my new AMD 1800+ T-Bred B OC'ed at 1812mhz right now (12.5 X 145) i cant get my fsb higher my computer reboot!
    I want to find a hacker bios so that i can get my multiplicator higher than 12.5, help me!! (A7S333)
    BTW what is the cause of my computer reboots... can i fix that to go higher?? And i cant adjust the voltage...grrrrr

    THX SYX :thumb:

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    Is this the point where you have to muck around with linking the bridges? Don't you have to use a filler kit now or something? :?:

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    Yes, this is likely where it will be neccesary to unlock the processor.

    Does the SiS chipset in your board allow you to bypass the factory multiplier lock? I've not heard of this being the case with any of the SiS chipsets. This came about with the KT400 and nForce2 chipsets and only works on the Thoroughbred processors. If it doesn't work in a similar fashion, then you'll have to physically unlock the processor to take advantage of an adjustable multiplier setting.

    As to the FSB limit, there are any number of reasons that could be causing it. Though I'm not very fond of the Asus line of boards, they tend to be generally solid overclockers from what I've seen so far. The 145MHz limit you mention is the same that I get on my A core T-Bred, so make sure it is indeed a B core first thing. From there you'll want to take a look at the quality of the peripherals in your system to see if there is something that is hanging you up. NIC cards and graphics boards are usually the biggest offenders here.
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    I checked my processor and im sure that is a t-bred b (AUIHB). Why would i need to unlock the bridge on my processor, is my multiplier alredy unlocked if i can change it??
    (from 5 to 12.5, was 11.5 originally)
    What do you mean by quality periferals? or NIC cards?
    That could be the prb...

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    THX Again!!
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    On the underneath of your CPU is it flat or are there a series of small resistors? If the latter then it can be unlocked as it is factory laser cut on the L1 bridge.. if it is flat the bridge is intact.
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