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Thread: Clueless about Intel...

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    Ok, you guys remember that lil dilemma Wiggo had...well now its my turn...

    I have a buddy of mine and that has a buddy and wants a top of the line gaming system...

    My buddy is insists on i guess i am going to build him an Intel system. No problem with that...but i dunnoany thing about thier mobos...i know abou the granite bay and its benefits in its features...but is it even available...? If not whats ranked second..?

    I plan to popping in a 3.06, a ATI 9800 Pro, 512-1 gig of DDR Ram..and the other stuff.

    Thx guys :)
    - Damien

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    granite bay is yesterdays news - you want something based on i865 Springdale (or i875 Canterwood if money is no object)

    ....and if you can find one a P4 3.00Ghz with an 800MHz FSB - although they're not available in my area just yet:(

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    I agree if he has the money go for the 800 fsb:thumb:
    What the fcuk happened to my sig?

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