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Thread: tell me -poem

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    &lt;centeR&gt;&lt;Small&gt; tell me how it felt&lt;br&gt;when i held your secrets&lt;br&gt;&amp; kept your wishes&lt;br&gt;you saw i was tring to make them true&lt;br&gt;tell me how it felt to see me cry&lt;br&gt;when all my hope was gone&lt;br&gt;you were the only one to comfort me&lt;br&gt;tell me how it felt&lt;br&gt;when you turned your back on me&lt;br&gt;i promise was echoing in my thoughts&lt;br&gt;i p.r.o.m.i.s.e&lt;br&gt;those words were **** from the start&lt;br&gt;i should've known&lt;br&gt;tell me how it felt when you were with her &amp; you saw me&lt;br&gt;that ***** is still hanging on, she's in love&lt;br&gt;in love&lt;br&gt;my raining eyes never saw your true plan...&lt;br&gt;<u>until now</u>&lt;br&gt;now tell me how it feels when your crystal tears rained for her&lt;br&gt;when she when turned away&lt;br&gt;a cold sigh escaped her mouth&lt;br&gt;pathetic&lt;br&gt;but i love you is all you can say&lt;br&gt;heh..&lt;br&gt;how does it feel?&lt;br&gt;everything comes &amp; goes in circles&lt;br&gt;
    &lt;Center&gt;&lt;img src=""&gt;&lt;img src=""&gt;&lt;img src=""&gt;&lt;img src=""&gt;&lt;/center&gt;

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    well done another great sad poem:cry:
    ummmmmmm i cant think of one :)

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    Default did u write that Ss?
    Madness is the gift that has been given to me!

    *Slaps Ollie, Beffy and Mouse with The Creators lifeless carcuss.....then ties up Morgan lander and forces him to listen to ****ty pop music for hours..bwahaha

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