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Thread: how do u like me now? -poem

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    <center><Small>Do You Like Me Now?

    When I was young I had hard times,

    Thank God they didn't last.

    Classmates use to pick on me,

    During my now forgotten past.

    They said, that I was different,

    Unattractive and overweight.

    Real beauty is within us all.

    That's what we should rate.

    You can't judge the pages of a book,

    By the cover of which it's bound.

    Or, you'll see Gods' mighty boomerang,

    When it returns around.

    Don't call others dumb or ugly,

    A loser or a sow.

    For, you'll eventually hear this question,

    How do you like me now?
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    well..its a lil more positive than the other ones. thats a start:thumb:
    Madness is the gift that has been given to me!

    *Slaps Ollie, Beffy and Mouse with The Creators lifeless carcuss.....then ties up Morgan lander and forces him to listen to ****ty pop music for hours..bwahaha

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    Very nice SS..... is that a C&P jobbie or did you compose it yourself?
    What came first - Insanity or Society?

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    that a really gd poem :)

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