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Thread: Need to keep in contact w/ Sis

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    To those that don't know this has been a hard year for me and my, now small family.

    I figured of all people you might be able to help me out, or know someone that could, it would be you.
    I built my sister a computer last year that was real nice. Well something happenend and a : friend; said he would h would fix it. HE DID. He took her computer and gave her back a computer bases on ISA. Isa riser for the modem, everything ISA. When I built her one with real nice mobo and all nice parts. All my upgrade left overs.
    Anyway, she got screwed so I am trying to get her a better computer once again.
    So I need a mobo that will work with a 1600+ pali. I don't care what kind or anything. She just needs it to surf the net, email me, and save pictures of my beautiful little nieces, I also got her a nice little digital camera from verizon. They sell for $75 at the store. But I was able to get it due to a promotion they had. She is really struggling and is my little sister, so I love to help her out, especially with her being able to keep a living picture album of my neices since I live all over the world.

    Sorry for the long email. It just really means a lot to me to bea ble to get her a computer so we can keep in touch.
    I have severe back problems and am unable to work. And I thikn you know about the wife and I. Or my devil of a person I live with.
    So I am looking for a really cheap mobo to build her a computer. I have a lot of stuff for trade if you, or someone you know has one that will work.
    I figured I would ask you since you have a lot of contacts and seeem to be a pretty cool people, that would understand my position and possibly help since you guys get to test out equiptment and all.
    I also need a small harddrive and ram. But I am trying to see if Neil will part with his harddrive and somehow I will get some ram.

    I HATE asking for help and all that. We just lost my Mom just died and I realized family is more important than anything. So I want to take care of my little sister and help her with getting a computer to save pictures of her kids and stuff.

    I tried to give her some parts from one of my computers, but my wife flipped out. So the only way I am going to be able to get her a computer is to trade parts with someone. I have games, pci modems, usb pci cards, cables out the ass and all kinds of aother stuff.
    Imcluding about 25 really cool Playstation 2 games that you need a chip for.

    So if you know anbody , or yourself that has anthing, I would highly appreciate it. After my Mom died right before Christmas I promised I would always keep in touch with my family more adn this is a start.

    Thaks for your hlep. sorry its so long. Its just important to me.
    Things were obviously VERY VERY different 4 months ago when I was building the computer in my sig.
    NOW my wife has control of all assets and the only way for me to keep in contact with m sisteris if I can finish building her compuer. I need a mobo and harddrive mainly Nothing fancy. Just something to boot it up. Even an ECS K7S5A with a 5 gig harddrive. Somehow I will get some ram.

    I will trade a lot of stuff just to get this stuff. I don't care if I get the short end of the stick as long as i can get her a working computer for her. She really needs it just as much as I do. My mother died in a fire, and my Uncle then took his life 3 weels later by burninig himself tod eath.


    Thanks anyway Beefy. I figured under that angry facade you have a big heart and would understand where I am coming from.
    It has been a hard year.
    My Mom died in a fire. Then my Uncle took his life due to my Mother dying.
    This all after my parents got a divorce. So my Dad is sort of aloof. I havne't talked to him maybe 2x in 5 years.
    So it has been hard.
    That is why I built my sister and my Mom a cmputer, to keep in touch while I was in Tokyo. You know the story about my sisters computer. After my Mom passed away, someone in her complex broke into her hosue and stole everything.
    i emded up getting a Japanese cork sculpture I sent her from Japan and a picture frame, that was it, out of everything. It was really sad.
    So things have been really hard.

    To make things things easier to keep in touch during these hard times I want to build my sister a computer to cut down on phone calsl and also to help just to keep in better contact since all we have is each other. Also so she can use the cheap digital camera I got her to keep a little online photo album on the harddrive since she can't afford a camcorder.

    I haven't worked in 2 years and ran through my savings before I could finish building my sister a second computer.

    I am kind of nerrvous to post this on the forum. Although I am sure someone might have a mobo they aren't using and would be able to gvie me a good deal or trade for something. I have a lot of good games and stuff to trade or whatever. I have dialup modems, nice M$ joysticks and other things I would be willing to trade for a mobo and / or a small harddrive to finish the computer I began building after the losses in my family. Cause that isall we have left, is each other.

    Do you know a good mobo that would work good with the palimino I have?

    I know this is a long email. I just felt like it was the only way to explain what I am going thorugh dn the need for a trade or cheap parts. AS most of you also know my wife and I are going thorugh a heated divorce as well, which laeves outhe possibility to give her one of my computers orgp that route.
    So this is my only option.
    I feel like a loser for even posting. Although you guys seem like a bunch of col guys and I thank the ones that pmed when they found out about the divorce.
    So if you can help by either a trade, ora good deal on either item, I would be extremely grateful, as would my sister.
    Thanks for listening,

    Please PM me if you have either item for sale or trade. I don't really have any money due to the divorce. Although if it is chaeap enough I might be aboe to pawn something to get some money as long as the wife doesn't catch me. Somehow I have o get her a computer so e can keep in touch. Cause I am not allowed to call her de to my wife.

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    I should have a SeaGate 4GB freed up in a few days

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    That would be cool. I would appreciate it.

    I can send you something in return if you like. I have some older audio cards, and otherolder hardware. Just let me know if you need something and I will let you know if I have it.
    Or I can send a game or two. I don't play much.
    The soooner the better cause I think my wife is going to vump up this divorce things quick. So the sooner the better.


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    pnwest is where? o.O

    i have some parts lying around, what exactly do you need. like ddr or sdr?

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    Sorry anzx forr not getting back to you.
    Thimgs have been really bad.
    My Sony Vaio laptop died. I just got into that car accident and totalled my wifes 2002 4runner. It was mine I thought, but she made it was clear it was hers since we were getting a divorce and I wasn't/couldn't make the payments. She said she was buying it for me at the time since I couldn't drive our other car cause of my back problems. Well now nobody can drive it.
    And my back is 10x worse. I can harly lay in bed, it still hurts just laying here with heat and ice. My doctor helped me with some medicine, but it only takes the edge off. I should have went to the emergency roomm like the paramedics said, they said I looked like death, I was completely pale i was in so much pain. but I was afraid what would happen if I wasn't at homee after wrecking the car and what my wife would do the little amount of stuff i do have left that she hasn't already taken or is goign to take. So I said I would be alright. I'm not and wish I would have gone.
    Anyway she is making life hell now. She will only buy peanut butter and jelly, bread, and mac n cheese for me to eat, while she goes out and has good meals and always brings it back and easts in front of me to rub it in.
    My advice for those thinking of getting married, think twice. they can turn into your worst nightmare.
    Plus, you get laid a lot more when you are dating so why **** it up.
    I swear to you in 9 years we might have got busy 100 times. I haven't been laid in over a year now. I AM NOT JOKING. And in the last 3 yeasr it is around 10x. My aunt can't believe it, and I am not kidding either, she really asked my wife a few weeks ago if that was true and my wife told her it was.
    My wife just hates sex. she doesn't even like getting near "mrs happy(or unhappy as hers must be). She wraps her hand in toilet paper so she doesn't touch herself at all. We used to have toys and have fun and stuff when we 1st got married, but that soon faded. She has orgasms and stuff when we have sex, but she says she doesn't really care to have them, that she jsut doesn't really think about it. she says if she thought about it more then maybe she would like sex more, but she just doesn't think about it. I said THINK ABOUT IT> ****, its supposed to be fun. She says it is when we do, she just doesn't think about it when we don't. She tried playing with herself once when I was in the war, and she said she didn't like it. so that was the end of it.
    I wish I would have known this crap before I got married. I was 19 when we were both in the military and got married.
    Not a good idea.

    Sorry for the rant. But I am in pain, and pretty much hating life, just had to get that out. I guess I wish I just had some sympathy for all the pain I am in and stuff and my wife just says I deserve it. And calls me a cry baby. The car is completely totalled. the WHOLE city knows about the accident, including the hospital, my doctor, the pharmacy people and everything knew aobut the accident and when they found out I was the one in it they couldn't believe it, cause when they saw my truck on tv, they thought the person muct have been really messed up. Well i was but i was too scared to go to with the ambulance because when my wife found out and came to the scene she was so pissed i GOT HIT BY ANOTHER DRIVER, IT WAS HOS FAULT. but she was so pissed she blamed it on me and said if i was paying more attention it wouldn't have happened.
    The paramedics were telling me I looked like hell and might have internal inguries ans stuff, and tat I looked white as a ghost, pale and needed to get to a hospital NOW to get checked out, especially with major back problems since i was already waiting for surgery and tha ti might have nade it worse and need to get it checked out and another mri to see if i had spinal fluid leakage and stuff.
    but i was too scared of what my wife would do to the litttle stuff i have left since she has broken and thrown my **** out before. And since this divorce thing she has taken a bunch of stuff and put it at her friends house so i can't have it. Soi I was afraid she would be so pissed aobut the trucks tha tmy only things left, my computers, my 53inch tv with my killer sound system, my bikes and my pool table would be up in flames by the time they left me out of the hospital. So i figured i woudl be alright iwth the medicine i was already taking for my back. WRONGGGGGGGGGGGG, i have been dying all weekend but just didn't want to say anything. I am embarrassed about the hwole situation adn don't like people to know how bad it really is. ESpecially people i hardly know on here.
    But you guys (you know who you are, the ones who have pmed me and stuff when I told about my divorce and stuff) and the ones that are trying to help me get my little sister a computer so we can keep in touch and she can use that camera i got her to take picutres of my little nieces i love so much. So you guys are really the only ones I know and that know me and what is going on. Since I don't really have a familiy anymore since my Mom died a few months ago, then my uncle, then I just found out my aunts daughter died in a car accident 2 days after mine. So its just me, my sister and my Aunt tha t I have.
    This has been the worst year for me in my life. I just hope it gets bettter soon.
    But thanks to you guys, you have made it better wiht the pm's and trying to help me and my sister out wiht me finishing building her a computer.
    Since I am a disable veteran at 29, its pretty depressing to add all that has happened. Hopefully the VA will come up prettty soon with my disability rating and the monthly compensation chekcs soon. it won't be much, but it will be something. At least if they come when I am still with my wife ii can buy some better food, and get some soda!! I am sooooooo tired of water. She stopped buying soda too about a week ago.
    And now that I got into the accident. The insurance won't cover the full payoff since it was brand new, so we ave (well she does) a little over $3000 out of pocket. And she wants to buy a new truck too. And she is forcing me to cosign. If not she says she will make my life a more living hell than she already is with the food situation and other stuff I am too embarrasssed to even post about it. She won't even let me call my sister except once a week for 20min(20min for $1 deal) . Its just unreal.
    I talked to the Veterans administration counselor. He is going to come over soon when she is at work so he can talk to me and see what he can do to help out when I become homeless. Since she is moving off base, they will kick me out of housing, so I will have to find a place to live REAL quick.
    Supposeably I can file for alimony and other stuff but I have to sell stuff to get money to get a lawyer to get that stuff. She is supposed to provide me with housing and stuff until the divorce is final, but that can't be forced without a lawyer. So I put my pool table up for sale. Which I bought when my Mom died (with the 3k i got from Walmarts life ins.) cause my Mom knew how much I loved playing pool and bought me my 1st pool stick and always knew how much I loved playing. So I figured if I had my own table that I bought with that money, then everytime I played I could spend time with my Mom and hust kind of relax and have "our time" together. I don't know. it just really meant a lot to me. and everytime I go down and play I feel like she is there with me, its like our time together and she is there watching over me. Just kind of my way of dealing with her death. I still have nghtmares about the fire(in her kitchen). She was only 52.

    Sorry for this post. But I really had to just get it out. And for those people out therea that REALLY want to know me, and what I am going through, I guess my life is all out in the open now. It doesn't sound as cool as It did before you knew all this I bet. But oh well, I Am sure we all have a lot we have to deal with.
    This just happens to be the worst year of my life.

    Thanks for just letting me vent and get it out. Its late, and I can't sleep cause i was thinking about all thsi stuff and just needed to get it out.
    Now I am going to try and get soem sleep so I can read some posts tomorrow and try and help someone else get their computer fixed to do my little part and help someone else out with what I know best.....


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    well I am RMAing my Tyan s2390 this week, but it wont be back for about 2 weeks. If you still need it than, I can sell it to ya for like 20 bux. (i figure 10bux to ship it to tyan, and another 10 to ship to you)
    I was gonna make another cruncher, but it looks like you would have a better use for it than me.

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    Thanks kane, but ELDORADO is helping me out and is sending me a mobo and ram I think by the end of this week.

    So all I need is a small harddrive and my Lil Sis will be set. I think I am more excited than her. I haven't really told her yet though cause I don't want to get her excited until I know for sure I can do it.
    I told her once that I was and then my wife put a stop to it REAL quick. So I was pretty bumbed. I hate not sticking to my word.
    I NEED her right now too with all this divorce crap going on. If I have to more and I can't stay here and have to move back to California I will have to stay with her due to fundage,
    It helped us through my Moms death when we could chat and help each other especially at night when we couldn't sleep or whatever and could just talk about it.

    I learned one thing out of all fo this stuff that has happened in my life in this last year. NOTHING is more important than FAMILY.

    For ALL you people out there that have a Mom and Dad that are married and live togther and stuff. Tell them you love them and stuff. Most of ALL, be THANKFUL.
    I WISH so bad I had my MOM back and that my Dad and Mom were back together like when I was a kid growing up. I took it for granted they would always be there. Then they got a divorce. And it was like my family fell apart. Then my Dad went and did his thing, and we tried to help my Mom just get by. During the divorce my Mom had no money and they cut off the heat in our really nice 4 bedroom house in S. California by the beach. It was a beatiful house, that even after all the stuff that happened it sold for over $350,000!!!! But my brother and I went and tried to help my Mom out. Since my Dad just split and took everything she had no money and they cut off the heat and electricity and stuff. But she still had to live there. So my brother and I went out back nadcut down the 2nd story deck, then cut it all up with circular saws and brought it up stairs and put it by the fireplace. So my Mom had heat, but no more deck that my Dad and I built when I was 15 or so.
    We bought the house for $115,000 and lived in it for 15 years. My Dad missed about 4 months on the morgage and stuff. So they lost the house and it went into forclosue and stuff. Instead of just selling it for what IT WAS WORTH and splitting the money, he blew it. They both would have been set. Instead my Mom fought to live in a small 2 bedroom and afford it. She struggled until she died in a fire in the ,kitchen of this crappy apartment complex she lived in. THEN after they took her body out and stuff. Some people broke in and stole everything they could sell. I WISH so bad they would have at LEAST left the ****ing harddrive of her computer so we could have the last memories and stuff she left on it. Pictures or whatever else. She loved her comptuer we built for her. She met people online that helped her through the divorce and hard times. So when she discovered web tv, my brother and I got together and built her a computer, then I sent her a scanner for her birthday after that. She loved it. I wish I could have had those memories left on it...

    I grew up in your typical S. California family with a nice house and all that. Then the divorce, then my Mom lost her life. And my Dad is aloof somewhere.
    All without warninig to us kids. We thought things were normal, fine.

    So be thankful that you have a family and tell your parents you love them. Or your famliy that you your love them and how much they mean to you. YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN THEY MIGHT BE TAKEN FROM YOU.......

    SO OBVIOUSLY I STILL NEED MY TO GET MY SISTER A COMPUTER SO I WON'T BE POSTING THIS STUFF HERE. Sorry for that. Its just that it bumbs me out sometimes. This last week has been really hard since the car accident and all. I am in extreme pain and thankful to be alive. But it has brought back all of those thoughts...........................


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    M8 I lost my mum when I was 10 and my dad when I was 20 (natural causes). At least you'll go under the knife for your back where as specialists here arn't that game tellin' me that there's a 50/50 chance of me comin' out in a wheelchair and the other 50% is divided to whether I'll have an improvement or be worse but they tell to live with it till the 3 disks totally desintergrate at which point most of my probs will be gone though how long that will take no one can even give a time frame for. But yes family counts and nothin' is more important than that m8 so it's good to cherish those of it that are left as much as ya can. Good luck with the op when it comes.

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    Well my problem isn't resolved yet either. I haven't got them to get me to see a neurosurgeon yet. And when I have seen a neuro they don't want to do surgery cause of my age, and the same answer, it could be a 50/50 chance that I will have new pain due to scar tissue or other problems with the other disks, cause as my luck would have it I have Degenerative Disk Disease as well and I can actually see from my first MRI's from 8 years ago when I first slipped the disk to now, the damage it has done. My disks are getting harder, and smaller, which means they shift often, hense pain changing from left to right legs, or both, and it is possible that the disk will "explode" and send fragments through my spinal cavity.
    I can't get other procedures done cause I have had so many done they are worried about damaging the spinal "cover" which would allow for spinal fluid leaking(extremely bad, possible death can and will occur from it). So I am just trying to hang in there.
    This episode has lasted a little over 2 years with the most pain being in the last year!!! SO I have learned to deal with being disabled, just not mentally YET and don't think I will.
    I hope your eases up as well,

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