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Thread: FS: I'm out $575 and need to recoup

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    Default FS: I'm out $575 and need to recoup

    Okay, I've got some stuff that's lying around, and I'm sure someone else can find a use for it.


    My e-mail+PayPal addy: [email protected] Best way to get ahold of me.
    Heatware: BigB
    Payment types accepted: Paypal (CC is welcome) and Money Order.
    I will not ship until payment is received.
    I ship to whoever gives the money first. You have 1 week (7 days) to pay me. Period. I'm not going to wait very long if I have someone with the money waiting for the product. First to pay gets it.

    I ship USPS w Delivery Confirmation. Other methods are available, but at your expense.
    Shipping is from 46805. Shipping is within the US.

    Products come as described below. If I happen to run across anything that goes with it before I ship it, I'll toss it in.

    Update: I just fell for a scam and need to recoup my losses, so please, help me here and buy my stuff. No lowballs, please. I need to move this stuff now.

    -ECS N2U400-A
    -Duron 1.4 'Tbred A core--OC'd to 1.73GHz @ stock voltage
    -Thermaltake Volcano 7 w green UV LED fan
    -256MB PC3200 Buffalo DDR
    -ATi Radeon 8500 LE
    -10GB IBM 34GXP HDD
    -10GB Western Digital HDD
    -48x Samsung CD-ROM
    -Maxtor/Promise ATA100 card
    -Philips Dynamic Edge Sound card
    -KingWin 350W PSU ATX 2.03 w SATA power.
    -$350 shipped

    AMD Athlon XP2000+ (SOLD)
    Palimino core
    266MHz FSB
    -As of right now, it's been out of my main box less than a day and was working just fine then. It's an AGOIA stepping, but I've had little success OC'ing it. Anyway, I don't need it anymore, so I'm selling it. CPU only.

    SCSI cards:
    -Adaptec 2940UW
    -1 68-pin internal, 1 50-pin internal, 1 68-pin external
    -$12 shipped

    -HP OEM SCSI/NIC combo card(?)
    -Symbios 53C875J SCSI chip
    -AMD AM79C971KC PCnet Fast 10Base-T chip
    -1 68-pin internal, 1 68-pin external, 1 RJ45
    -$12 shipped

    -Adaptec 2906
    -1 50-pin internal, 1 50-pin external
    -$10 shipped

    Buy all three of the above SCSI cards and I'll sell 'em together for $25 shipped.
    ISA card package combo
    -1 3Com 3C509TP 10Base-T
    -1 Creative CT4170 w Vibra 16XV chip
    -1 SB16SCSI, CT1770, Adaptec AIC-6360L, 50-pin internal
    $15 shipped for all three.

    or $7 each shipped.
    CPU/Mobo/RAM combo

    e-Machines pull
    -Celeron 366 S370 w heatsink
    -32MB PC66 (?)
    -i440LX chipset
    -2x PCI, 2x ISA (1 shared w PCI)
    -Crystal sound chip onboard
    -ATi Rage Pro Turbo AGP w 4MB RAM onboard (not shared)
    -2x serial, 1 parallel, 2x PS/2, 1 USB
    -Works fine AFAIK, I don't have a use for it, except as possible cash value.
    -$25 shipped


    22oz Halon BC rated fire extinguisher:
    Originally retails for $90+ shipping, I bought it earlier this year.
    It has a 10 year warranty on it with G & M Corporation.
    This stuff is awesome because it won't eat away your electronics and computers. If you know what Halon is, you'll know why.

    -$75 shipped

    G & M Ride-A-Way car kit:

    $130 originally, contain's jumper cables, flares, a rubber mallet, a first aid kit, a siphon, a screwdriver, towlettes, 6 qt foldable plastic jug, bungee cord, cigarette lighter powered spotlight, plastic apron, distress sign, emergency coin case (for toll roads), knee pad, and plastic tape. Comes in a carrying case to keep all of it together.

    -$80 shipped

    Thanks for looking. Free bumps appreciated.
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    Default Re: FS: I'm out $575 and need to recoup


    stuff added

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