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Thread: Huge List FS:

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    Default Huge List FS:

    Blue Round FD - $2 shipped
    Black Round FD - $1.75shipped
    Clear/Silver Round FD - $2shipped
    SATA cable - $2shipped
    CDROM Audio - $.50shipped each
    Firewire Dongle for nForce2 boards - $2shipped

    Fans and Accs.
    Antec 120mm clear - $4shipped
    80mm no leads - $2shipped
    80mm w/ bare leads - $3shipped
    60mm bare leads - $2shipped
    90mm grill - $1.25 shipped
    70mm grill - $1shipped
    60mm grill - $.75shipped
    I can add a 3pin connector the either of the bare lead fans for an extra 50 cents

    Stock P4 1.8"A" - $8shipped
    Small copper square - $2shipped
    Aluminum Square - $1.50shipped

    USB to PS/2 - $2shipped
    PS/2 to AT - $1shipped
    AV to Audio jack - $3shipped

    Speaker wire end things - $1shipped
    old EDO chips - $1.50 (4) for all shipped
    10/100 PCI card - $5shipped
    Jensen SMP115 MP3 player - $10 shipped, SM slot no longer works.
    32mb SmartMedia card - $5shipped AS-IS
    Standard ATX I/O panel - $1.50 each shipped (Got 3 or 4)

    The Big Stuff
    Western Dig 1200BB (120gb 2mb cache) HD - $60 shipped
    The Sims 2 - $25shipped
    TigerWoods PGA Tour 2004 - $10shipped

    Inquire about Corsair XMS3500 twin 256mb sticks, BH-5 chips. I also have a large amount of Dale Earnhardt memorabilia if anyone here collects and is interested.

    I have heatware under amd_man2003, can be contacted by [email protected] Everything is OBO
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    Default Re: Huge List FS:

    Closeup of the speaker end deals.
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