Alright guys, I got pics today of the prints and exact numbers. These are all printed on high quality heavy duty Canvas and are all sized 13" by 16". They are all reprints, and not signed by Rockwell himself.

"The Doctor and the Doll" - Have about 100 of these.

"The Druggist" - Have about 100 of these.

"Practicing Intern" - Have about 100 of these.

"At the Doctor's" - Have about 100 of these.

These weigh 1.5oz apiece, and the mailer I will be using weighs approximately 4oz. For shipping quotes, my zip code is 46172, and Delivery Confirmation is required. I will ship USPS Priority or Parcel Post, at the buyer's choice.

Prices (each):
1-8 pieces: $12.00+shipping
9-20: $11.00+shipping
21-30: $10.00+shipping
31 or more: $9.00+shipping

My Paypal address is, please contact me to confirm prices before sending Paypal. I will be shipping every other day at least, but every day whenever possible.
I am also taking money orders, but no personal checks or cash.

For any more information, feel free to post or contact me via email at