Hey guys & gals,

I'm selling my old PIII 850 system. I'm looking to get $175 for +shipping, so about $210 total. I will ship out UPS, and will accept paypal (the price will be higher to reflect the paypal fees), or Money Order (whichever method you perfer). I will ship as soon as I receive the money.

Here are the specs:
PIII 850
384mb PC133 (with an extra 256mb DIMM not installed)
8gb hdd
16mb vid card (not sure brand, but i think it's an ATI Rage 128)
Sound card (ensoniq I think, XP picks it up and the vid card no problem. )
Zip 250 internal drive
300w P/S with a Mid tower case (gateway branded)

I need to sell to pay off some bills (being out of work SUX!)
I will be checking this board through the day, so I will respond pretty quickly to all replys. Thanx. Cya


Prices are in USD, sorry forgot to mention that, hehe.