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Thread: FS...hardware need to sell

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    hey everyone, have some hardware id like to get rid of.
    here ya go:

    1 ibm aptiva 2176-c66 case mobo/riser card and power supply if anyone needs one for their beloved aptiva

    2 ibm aptiva modem/sound cards....33.6k...$5 each + ship

    1 Ether works turbo controller-de435-10/100 PCI
    1 Etherworks DE204 ISA
    14 3com etherlink 3-3c509b-tpo ISA----5 for $10
    4 3com etherlink 3c509b-tp ISA
    2 alta research ETC-16 ISA
    1 smc ISA
    1 N linksys ether-16 lan card CT-rev-D2
    3 misc brands all ISA
    plus many more, will sell 4 isa 3c509b-tpo's for $10+ship
    4-10$ a piece + ship

    7.) 2.1gb SCSI fast wide cannister hard drive cases (model
    no.rz28c-vw) by digital just cases $10
    6.) 2 gig seagate barracuta 10,000rpm
    hard drives in the cases. (I.m keeping one hd for my usage
    cases and drives- $30 each shipped

    2) PCI Apple Twin Turbo F28-(5D) Apple ix Video cards (dual 15pin) both have the Apple !X 3D 1.01 rom chip $15 each+ship
    2 power supplies from mac g3 $10? plus ship
    1 external mac cd rom drive $5 plus ship
    2 8x apple internal cd 300i plus drives (SCSI) $5 + ship
    1 7100/200 for parts (complete, case is yellow from ciggs?....
    2 amd k6-2 233's $10
    10+ 75mhz-166mhz $1- 15 plus ship
    1) amd am386-dx/dxl-25
    1) amd am486-dx-2-66
    1) intel 486-sx
    2) intel 486-dx
    3) intel 486-dx-2
    1) intel 486-dx-2-sl
    4) intel pentium 1 75mhz-133mhz
    just to name a few

    cd rom drives:
    4 from Pentium 1&2 era computers $5 plus ship

    3) us robotics external modems; sportster 14,400 fax modem, cc/tt
    v.32bis with v.42bis
    serial numbers;
    210622k77l42,0002680213973816,00026802146932661) hayes smart modem
    2400 external, 8.5 vac..model number;07-00056;:h288001730032

    3 3.5" floppy drives $5 plus ship
    1 3.5 and 5.25 combination floppy drive (5.25" wide)

    RAM $1mb plus ship ....maybe even cheaper.....most likley
    30+ modules of 30pin, all manufactures, 1mb-4mb+? best offer
    30+ modules of 72 pin, all manufactures, 4mb-8mb (mostly 8mb)

    also have tons of screws, mounting brackets, clips, cable, ribbons...etc -let me know what you want and ill give you a price-

    Sparc stations:
    1)sun sparc 5
    microsparc processor-110mhz
    ram? (few sticks in slots, no way to test mbytes)
    150watt power supply
    no cd/floppy

    super sparc microprocessor--TM5340
    no ram
    sun gx video card
    1.05gig hd
    3.5" floppy
    150watt p/s

    2x super sparc processor TMS-390
    w/cache controller
    80 mb ram
    1 gig drive
    3.5" floppy
    cpu STP1012PGA--/--MB86904 85mhz?
    1 gig cfp1080E hd
    No floppy/cd
    150watt p/s

    110mhz microsparc II STP1012PGA
    128 mb ram
    1 st32430 hd
    no cd/floppy
    video card: STP3010PGA
    turbo XGX
    150 watt p/s


    Mobos for sale:
    4+ dell optiplex series cases/mobos/cpu's....$25? or make an offer (encouraged
    these three boards are as is.
    1 dell optiplex
    intel pentium 166 w/mmx
    2 usb 1.0
    s3 trio 64v+
    onboard sound
    $10+ shipping

    1 AT for factor p55tspio p493f00400 rev:0
    4 72 pin slots
    3 pci
    3 isa none shared
    w/intel pentium socket 7, 100mhz cpu

    1 PCI P54c S17
    AT socket 7 premio 219F
    4 pci
    4 isa one shared
    run up to a 166mhz
    4 72pin slots
    SIS shipset

    1 AT PCI TX4 socket 7 ( )
    MS5156 ver 1.2
    AMD k6 233mhz-anr cpu heatsink and fan
    2 168pin dimm slots
    4 72pin simm slots
    5 PCI \
    3 ISA / one shared
    $35+ shipping

    1 AT Aopen ap53 95140-3
    Ambios Rev 3.51 ( )
    4 72 pin simm slots
    intel pentium 2 200mhz w/heatsink/fan
    4 PCI \
    3 ISA / none shared

    1 AT Aopen AP53 socket7
    Ambios Rev 3.60
    Intel pentium 200 FV80502200
    4 72pin simm slots
    same features as listed on the above ap53
    $30+ ship

    these boards work excellently. never had a prob with any, im moving
    south so i must sell all my "toys" unfortunatly....
    Allways open to trades. im looking for a good digital camera...atleast
    32meg flash and 3+ mega pixel???

    also have all kinds of power adapters, molex to floppy......1 into 2 molex adapter (great little thing to have) converters, make a 5.25" into a 3.5" for hd's...
    slot covers...
    power cords.....
    internal sound cables....
    Keyboards, 6 maybe 7 AT style.
    8 sun keyboards and mice
    floppy cables and ide cables, $5 for 5?
    that should do it
    thanks for looking
    you can contact me @ stant093ATyahooDOTcom
    (located in N.E.) thanks for looking!

    (USD$ and located in vermont, USA)
    I'd rather be driving a titelist

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    Which currency and country??!
    Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot
    Managing Director
    Tweak Town Pty Ltd

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    got any fast k6-2s, hmm what'd they peak at, 500?

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    nope fastest K6's i have are 233mhz
    I'd rather be driving a titelist

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    sorry for the huge delay on the currency and country reply...
    Most of this stuff is still it buy it!
    I'd rather be driving a titelist

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