Well then, here is a copy of my post on Hardforums:
I have finally decided what I am going to do: Due to the cost of the chilling system I am going to sell my current watercooling rig and buy a Vaporchill system. I am only planning on selling the water cooling stuff and not all the computer hardware that you see in the photo's (unless you really want to buy it from me). For those interested I am including pics of my system. If you are interested or want to see more pictures email me. If you live in the Kansas City, Mo area email me and I can setup a time to see it if you want. So here are the pic's:



Case Side:




Water Blocks:

System specs:
Pump: Ehiem 1048
Radiator: Swiftech 676
CPU Waterblock: Swiftech MCW-462 w/ 150 watt Peltier
Video waterblock: No-name GPU cooler
DC Powersupply: 23a 12v SEC 1223
Fans:2xGobalwin 120mm 120 CFM fans

Notes: I used all brass fittings. The coolant i use is a mix of distilled water, dexcool antifreeze, and redline water wetter. All tubing or wiring that pushes though metal is protected by rubber gromets. I did install the side window my self. Current tubing is a mix of 3/8 id and 3/8 od rigid(the rigid tubing is what swiftech use to use all the time with thier stuff). I have all the stuff to switch it over to 1/2 id tubing and I am planning on switching the tubing over before I sell it. The case itself is very clean and almost scratch free. If you have any other questions email me at [email protected]. Right now I am asking 260 for the setup + shipping if you can't/don't want to pick it up.

ICQ: 4704806
ebay seller id:berjet