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Thread: Recruitment Information

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    Hello, my name is Daniel and im 17

    I've been playing on your server allot in the past month and love the people and the competition you have attracted. i dropped in on mumble and had a good time while i was there, everyone seems chill and all good friends. i feel the rules of the server are fair and always enforced.

    I am an average 17 year old Canadian guy who enjoys hanging around people who are relaxed and always trying to have a good time. i am Hellzgoons younger brother but the better BF3 player in the family

    I always have a good time on MW and hope i can join the team!

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    Hi guys/gals.

    I'm Jerry. Just found out about your BF3 server so I'll start looking you up. I play BF3 about every other day for a few hours every night. It's my primary game right now. I'm the old guy.... 48 years of wisdom (guess that's arguable :))
    Anyway, I live in the USA - Northwest Arkansas. Work in electronics industry, love to hunt, fish, play golf and softball when weather permits. Other than that I'm online about every day of the week either at work or at home. I'll check you
    guys out and then might politely request inclusion into your exclusive club if it seems like I bring anything to the table.


    Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD4
    Intel i7 2700K @ 4.5Ghz
    G.Skill DDR3 16Gb @ 1866Mhz
    eVGA GTX 570 SC x2 SLi
    Crucial C300 x2 RAID0
    WD 640Gb Black x2 RAID0
    Corsair HX1000
    H20 Swiftech/XSPC

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    Hiya,. Deafty here. 30+yrs old and after being an active member with Tweaktown for some time now I forgot to look up your BF3 server after finishing my new Pc build recently.
    Hobbies include,.mountain biking and gaming.
    I hope my ping does not offfend pls reply if it does,. Thanks guys.
    Going to play on server now,.
    GAEP45 UD3P rev1.1
    Intel E8400 @4.2Ghz
    Corsair Cl4 DDr2 800
    Ati 4890
    Bequite 670watt
    Westerndigital Black 500gb

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    A lot of our platoon is centered around using mumbles. If you are interested in joining us, hop on our mumbles server while your are playing. We'll see what happens from there...

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