Post-patch weapon plots, DAT ASSval (H)

Moved AA on Kharg (US on Carrier, Russian at Air strip) (Thanks whoever did this!!)
Faster vehicle spawn (I mainly noticed air)
Shorter game start countdown
Much better responsiveness (Even better with AA turned off)
You can fly through all poles from testing with jets and little bird so far. (EDIT Only the top breaks, halfway down its still solid, which works out ok)
Can spawn into AA guns (People actually use them now)
**Improved sound EDIT: Can hear footsteps, reloading as well as voiceovers ( ahh **** theres a grenade etc), much more clearly, I could hear footsteps and reloading from next room.
Uninstalls B2K and forces you to re download (PS3 thing I think)
Custom Servers (AU Pricing, 34.99 for 30 days, 9X.XX for 90 days, also has 1 day option and some others)
Match Making option in multi player, seems to be for esport/organised scrims on custom servers.
Reset some of my kit customisations
Many Many small UI tweaks, minimap has more focus on team function icons (heal, repair, flags)
Icons for vehicles on spawn screen
Easier to see what spawn point is selected on map when selecting spawn
No blind colour mode, but all the icons seem to be much easier to see (seem to be tweaked towards blind mode type icons)
Jets guided missiles are actually useful and can take out a tank and nearby infantry (runners from tank) in 2-3 hits tops)
*Stinger takes about 2-3 seconds to lock onto and fire, missiles seem to move slightly faster, 1 hit disable and if more then 1 engineer in area heli is generally ****ed, I forsee a lot of heli's flying with ECM or Maintenance in future, range is greatly reduced but enough to keep helis off a flag and nearby area. EDIT: Lock on is UBER Fast, like seriously must be less then 2 seconds, Below radar has been buffed, I forgot about rpg's though and got 1-hit.
Can quit between rounds
Havoc is noticeably easier to fly but I still don't think its on par with Cobra, should be able to stand its own though.
Other squad leader objectives are marked on flags, I could see this as SL, it shows a star next to objective X1 or X2 if 2 SL have marked it, this is awesome!
Laser marker or maybe guided missile range seems to have been increased, could hit empty APC at C from Aircraft carrier on Canals using little bird.
Don't know if it's me but there seem to be slight camera and animation changes, Heli's and jets seem to explode and break up a lot more smoothly.
Additional Dogtags have been added (A-91 and M26 dog tags. As well as a tag for the game 'Syndicate')
Slight graphic tweaks, more saturation, less blue and easier to see icons
All air vehicles now start with flares as a minimum
No minimum player count, you can move around right away, points only count after 8 players join though
Red Laser designator can be seen from tanks and heli's as well as SOFLAM's now.
Added ladder to Sharqi tv tower (Keep eye out for other map tweaks)
Separate customisations for US and RU now, so it doesn't switch your guns around every round.
Numerous changes to ribbons and medal requirements (see comments below)
Driver Kill assist increased, Laser designation possibly (need to confirm)
Added a littlebird to attackers on rush for sharqi
Tank added earlier to bazaar rush for attackers
Lot more recoil added to most guns
Greater suppressive effect, suppressed accuracy in particular
Jet guns do less damage so dogfights are a bit more interesting now
ECM might be buffed, you can see your own ECM chaffs now (hovering in place while firing ecm will cover you in smoke completely.
Damavand Peak Rush. Attackers get 2 Jeeps instead of previous one
Additional Attachments/Unlocks: M27 IAR + QBB-95 + SKS has a Heavy Barrel MG36 + AS-VAL has extended mags
Last 2 squads have been hidden (Squad menu cleaned up as well) so only 4 squads available, this not only encourages pubbers to squad up, but when you join as a squad it will unlock a hidden squad for you so you aren't split up. (Smart approach)
Can invite people to squads
Higher ticket servers and other server variations (custom servers and official)
Nemesis medal reduced to 30 ribbons.
M-COM attacker ribbon reduced to 2 charges.
M-COM defender ribbon reduced to 2 kills
Air Warfare ribbon reduced to 5 kills
Anti-explosives ribbon increased to 3
CITV station is visible as a soflam to outsiders.
No min. players requirement.
Kharg Island expanded TDM map.
Over 1000 ticket custom servers on console.
Attack helicopter on non-B2K maps respawn in ~30 seconds instead of ~80 seconds.
Ground vehicles can be locked on even when no person was or is in it (before not possible on PS3, heard it was for Xbox).
Tactical lights got nerfed A LOT.
Greater recoil when suppressed.
Noticeable faster repositioning from prone to standing or crouching position.
Jets have reduced bullet damage.
Air radar's effectiveness is reduced, only jets and helicopters are visible and if one uses ECM jammer or below radar, they'll be invisible on the air radar.