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Thread: Ban Appeal: Vericetti

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    Default Ban Appeal: Vericetti

    Some friends and I were playing on your 24/7 air maps server for a few map rotations. Towards the end of our play we were on map Noshahr Canals. Midway through the map I was told by another player I was intentionally ramming and was good at it. Next thing I knew admins had banned me for intentionally ramming. I was not intentionally ramming but I was flying jets. Upon the ram that got me a ban I was being shot down by the other jet and the AA turret. Losing most control of my jet I hit the transport helicopter which I assume had admins in it. I understand the frustration that you have set a rule for no ramming and then you get rammed. However, I was not in any way intentionally ramming during any part of the map or any other maps I played. I'm sorry to have caused any frustration but I was not intentionally trying to ram for kills, nor did I get any kills from doing so. If you warned me like you had for other players breaking server rules I apologize and in no way intended to cause grief. My friends and I have enjoyed playing on your server mainly because of the atmosphere and server location. I would again like to apologize for causing anyone grief and swear it was in no way intentional. Thank you for you time.

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    Default Re: Ban Appeal: Vericetti

    We had several people complain about being rammed by you. They were rammed multiple times, but it's difficult to get the name each time. I should have clarified in the note - it was only a 24 hour ban. I reduced the time based on your appeal - you now have 1 hour left. Be careful though - generally we're not so kind to repeat offenders.

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