I am using gamepad "Quantum QH7468-2A" (2 WAY VIBRATION USB GAMEPAD). having Mfg. Date= May-2013.

but i dont have any idea to, HOW enable/use its vibration functionality ??

I tried it's driver CD coming with this gamepad's box..
I also tried this driver:

but i cant solve VIBRATION problem !!
VIBRATION is still OFF !
I can use it WITHOUT VIBRATION !! (All buttons are working properly WITHOUT VIBRATION)
I tried above all drivers on WIN 7 (32-bit)


after install above all drivers,
in win 7 (32-bit) I go to:
Control Panel >Device and Printers
here i can see "USB Joystick" device,
but i CANT see "USB Vibration" or "Twin USB Vibration" !!
Why ??

(Q.2) Why I cant see "USB Vibration" or "Twin USB Vibration" ??

help me..
(Q.3) How can i enable vibration ??

(Q.4) How can i test/check vibration ??

I am waiting for any rply..